About Us

 Kayla and Liz are the co-owners of Leopard Lily, LLC, established April 2nd, 2020. These two are best friends who grew up together in Minnesota, although presently, Liz lives in Rush City, Minnesota, while Kayla moved to Montgomery, Texas in April 2021. Though they live across the country, their bond is tighter than ever! Every part of this business is planned and decided by both of them and they rarely go a whole day without talking! 



At Leopard Lily, we aim to select styles that our customers will love and feel like the best version of themselves in! You know the feeling... that confidence boost you get when you rock your favorite outfit.
Ever since Kayla got her ostomy bag in February 2020, comfort is so important, but so is looking “put together.” Liz also knows how mamas want to feel good in their new bodies after baby! Comfort and confidence are huge factors we look for when shopping for our store! We cannot wait until you feel our jeans that are actually as comfy as leggings. 😍🙌🏼 
~ Comfort ~ Confidence ~ Class ~
We are overjoyed with the supportive feedback we have received so far and we couldn’t wait any longer to share it with the world!!
Kayla & Liz